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Can't make it into the store, but have some great items to consign? Never fear, Rags Mobile is here!

To be perfectly honest, we are extremely selective when choosing our Mobile clients.  Not kidding.  We know you're worth it, but we don't want to spend our time driving around the metro area for anything less than GREAT.  So, before contacting us, please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our store, and what kinds of items and brands we're looking for.  A good place to start is our Brands section, then do a quick read-through of our Consign section. If you think you've got what we can sell, fill in the form below.  We're really not meaning to be difficult, we truly are just managing our time on the road, and looking for the "best of the best" for mobile!  

For a $10 fee, we'll sort your items at your home, transport them in our van, and sell them at Rags.
Please fill out our Pick-up Request form and we'll be in touch to make a plan. Call or text for more info: 303.931.3538

Pick-up Request Form

30-40 Items 40-60 Items 60+ (really great!) Items

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